In recent weeks, I have had to explain to people how to make coffee. I am going to explain here and then all I will need to do is drop a link on anyone who still needs to know. I will only discuss American methods of making coffee. Yes, I do indulge, personally, in making French, … More Coffee?

Find The Answers

There are many ways to keep a journal and many reasons to utilize those methods. As a writer, I keep a journal. After my first couple of bouts of vertigo, it was suggested I keep a record to be able to determine what was happening with me. I went to my trusty pen and notebook to … More Find The Answers

It’s Time

A number of years ago, I went to a local poetry reading where an acquaintance was reading her work from a book she recently had published. She read a poem, the name of which escapes me, she wrote after walking the labyrinth at a local downtown church. It moved me and caused me to ponder … More It’s Time

A Day Of Rest

For thousands of years, Jewish people have observed the sixth day of the week as a day of rest. Christians, for hundreds of years, have rested on the first day of the week. Not being as intimately in tune with other religions I cannot speak of their days of rest in an intelligent manner. Many … More A Day Of Rest

When Words Are Gone

There is a pesky component that goes along with having Ménière’s disease – brain fog. Not just Ménière’s disease, there are other chronic illnesses that also have some form of brain fog that accompanies the other wretched spokes on the wheel of the disease. While not a medically recognized term, brain fog is used by many of us … More When Words Are Gone

My Shouting Voice

We need to somehow boost awareness and force the government, not only here in the United States, but all over the world, to sit up and take notice. Technically Meniere’s is not a life-threatening illness and they are not wanting to put money into research. All NIH -National Institutes of Health- has done, according to … More My Shouting Voice