Keep Your Ideas

On April 13, 2017, I published a blog post about keeping a journal. This post was directed toward people with chronic illnesses, specifically those who battle the same beast I have, Menière’s disease. This is not the same kind of journaling as I am about to discuss. When you are a writer, you write. This sounds … More Keep Your Ideas

My Rollercoaster

As part of the video series for Ménière’s disease, I intended to delve into the topic which prompted this series of videos – Has Ménière’s disease affected my life and if so, how? While I will be dedicating at least two videos to this, I opted to provide a bit of my history with Ménière’s in this video. … More My Rollercoaster


In recent weeks, I have had to explain to people how to make coffee. I am going to explain here and then all I will need to do is drop a link on anyone who still needs to know. I will only discuss American methods of making coffee. Yes, I do indulge, personally, in making French, … More Coffee?

Find The Answers

There are many ways to keep a journal and many reasons to utilize those methods. As a writer, I keep a journal. After my first couple of bouts of vertigo, it was suggested I keep a record to be able to determine what was happening with me. I went to my trusty pen and notebook to … More Find The Answers

It’s Time

A number of years ago, I went to a local poetry reading where an acquaintance was reading her work from a book she recently had published. She read a poem, the name of which escapes me, she wrote after walking the labyrinth at a local downtown church. It moved me and caused me to ponder … More It’s Time