Resolute Or Rebel

I was just looking through my old posts and it seems I began writing blog posts for/just after New Year a few years back. Guess this means it is either a tradition or a habit. Not exactly sure which category I want to place this in.

New Year’s Eve found me in bed fighting my dragon. Yesterday morning was the first I have really been able to even look at posts on Facebook. Seems many people have added posts and memes inquiring what people are setting as their New Year Resolutions. One person even asked the probing question, “What will you do in 2018 that you did not do in 2017?” To which I replied, “Turn 53.”

Never, in any of my New Year posts have I declared setting resolutions to be negative. What I argue is people will set these resolutions of things they plan to do differently in the coming year that they did not succeed in the previous year, however sincere the resolution is, most will more than likely fail in a matter of weeks.

Some professionals would assert that people fail at their resolutions because they have the thought in the back of their mind that they will fail. There is much truth in this. As an adolescent counselor, I would work with teens on setting goals for their lives. The first thing is to not look so closely at the long range goal. With regard to New Year resolutions, this would mean, don’t plan for the year. It is easier to focus on the here and now than the end result.

Let’s break this down.

If your goal for the new year is to eat healthier. Currently, you eat out, mostly fast food, six days a week. Start by eliminating one day of fast food a week. Or replace one day of drinking cokes with drinking water or juice. Baby steps. After you do this for several weeks, eliminate another day. Before you know it you will have flipped the original standing of eating unhealthy six days a week, to eating unhealthy one day a week.

Setting smaller goals for your life is much easier to attain than waking up on New Years day and saying, “I will perform brain surgery by Christmas Day this year”.

When you live each day to its fullest and allow it to come and experience it in whatever form it takes, you can meet it and enjoy it with no need to resolve to change everything in a year. For me, I will do one thing I did not do in 2017, I will turn 53. Vow to just change your age and everything else will fall into place. Okay, yes, there are those who resolve to remain 29 till death. I’ll leave you to it. Enjoy 2018 to its fullest and accept all of its twists and turns finding good things at every glance.


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