E Pur Si Muove

Not long ago, I was watching a television show where a scientist was working on an important project related to the characters in the program. She paused and said, “E pur si muove. And yet it moves.” She looked at the other person with whom she was speaking and went on to discuss how things we now see and have proven scientifically were once forbidden and called heretical.

It was 1633 when Galileo Galilei uttered the words, “E pur si muove”, after being forced to recant his assertions that the Earth revolves around the sun. This declaration came not long after the amazing fact that the Earth was round became a more believable acknowledgement from the speculation it had been in 6th century B.C. of the Earth being flat.

During the Dark Ages, it was believed that a person with a fever needed to have his head opened to release the demons within. After much study, not to mention trial and error, we have a better understanding of such medical issues. In those times, people who spoke out against the church or government were considered to be insane and locked away in an asylum. This latter practice extended to persons with other unexplained ailments as well.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, people, especially women, who acted in ‘peculiar ways’ were believed to be witches and were thus put on trial and expected to live through torturous acts performed by those who supposedly upheld the laws. All it took was one or two people laying the claim against someone for acts of witchcraft and innocent people were tortured.

Back to the aforementioned television program, which is more of a science-fiction show. The scientist went on to assert that what once was thought to be heretical and even blasphemous has been scientifically proven and is now accepted as fact. She also put forth that what we believe now to be unreal, unbelievable or otherwise, just not true is possibly fact that just hasn’t been scientifically proven.

There are times I sit during meditation and ponder such things as these. If I were to tell people that I commune with ghosts in my home, I would be taken instantly to the asylum, put in a straightjacket and then left in a padded room. There have been times I have mentioned to people I have ghosts in my apartment and they quickly state, “I am a Christian, I do not believe in ghosts”. I just step back and look at them. Last time I checked Christians and Protestants in general believe in the triune god – God the father, God the son and God the holy spirit. Ghosts are spirits and they claim to believe in a holy one, so why not all spirits?

As an empath, I can feel the energy of other people. Mostly, as a global empath, I can feel the energy of people groups as well as the energy of the Earth. I am not a psychic. I cannot read minds. I cannot make predictions. As I feel things and am led to, I will share what I know with those whom the message is for.

Just like the people who suffered from fevers in the 17th century, I am not insane and in need of being placed in an institution or having my head bore into. I have opened my heart, my mind and my soul to all that the Universe is and has to offer. I seek truth and understanding. And from this, I speak. I speak truth in my words though they be spoken or written.

One day, what is now heresy will be common, everyday fact. For now, I will continue to seek the truth and speak the truth for as long as there is breath in my lungs. As Galileo Galilei spoke truth in his day, so shall I do the same.



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