You Are So Sweet

What is this fascination that Americans seem have with sugar? Everything has to contain sugar or it isn’t worth consuming.

Start with diet programs. Most of these diets going around to lose weight start with drinking super-sweet diet shakes, usually chocolate.  They want you to drink one of those in place of a meal and in place of all snacks. Another diet I found, you receive these little shaker boxes. You shake one on sweet dishes before you eat and the other on all other dishes. At the end of the month, I had nearly all the box for sweet foods left and had long been out of the other one.

Vitamins and supplements come up next. When I was a child, on the rare occasions I was given vitamins, they were chewable tablets with some sort of chalky-fruity taste. Now, even for adults multivitamins and other types of supplements are being given in gummy form. These are some sort of gel-based entity that is mostly sugar and sticks to your teeth. Whether or not there are any vitamins or anything of use in them is a mystery to me.

We move on to something simple, scones. I love scones. Good English scones. When made properly, they can resemble American biscuits. Being a southern gal, I do love my biscuits. Scones are perfect when you add a wee bit of clotted cream and jam. However, the American scone is much different. They will make the biscuit-like bread and then smother it with icing. I go into a coffee shop and order a scone, I have to first chip away all the sugar before I can actually get to the scone.

Next? This is one that pretty much led to this venting post. A child will ask the parent or guardian for a piece of cake for breakfast. Parent/guardian will say, “NO!” The child must have cereal or some other predesignated items which are reserved for breakfast. However, you take a child to a restaurant which serves breakfast and is mostly known for breakfasts and you allow your child to order waffles or pancakes laden with chocolate, candies, sweet syrups and topped off with loads of whipped cream. How is this different than the piece of cake the child desired? Or for that matter, how it is different from the sugar-loaded cereal you did serve them?

Moving right along. We cannot forget the morning staple of adults all over the country, coffee. The first time I went into a certain national chain coffee shop, besides the employees not being able to tell me anything about their house blend, they attempted to serve me my cappuccino with whipped cream on top. NEWS FLASH: You do not put whipped cream on a cappuccino or any other coffee beverage. Unless, of course the customer requests it. People will get their morning coffee, and more throughout the day, that is mostly sugar. Then they wonder why they come crashing down so hard and fast in a few hours.

All righty then, I digress.

Let’s head to the finale – dessert. Dessert is usually served as the last course of a meal and is generally sweet. However, you have sweet and you have American sweet. When I was growing up, we rarely had dessert. That was reserved for special occasions and holidays and was rather sweet in the form of cakes and pies. As an adult who does not have a tendency toward sweets, I learned there are other things that can be enjoyed to end your meal. Instead of Annihilation By Chocolate, I would prefer some fresh fruit, strawberries and cream or a nice Raspberry Chambord. Even for cookies I prefer gingersnaps, Italian-made (non-American) biscotti or English butter cookies. Even Chinese fortune cookies are preferable to many on the market.

There is nothing wrong with sweets, in moderation of course. What I just don’t understand is the American obsession with sugar and everything sweet. Don’t get me wrong, there are times, rare that they are, when I do crave something sweet. And still rarer are the times I crave something specifically sweet, like Belgian chocolate. At these time, I will usually have one or two bites and the craving is gone. I once had several bars of Belgian chocolate in my freezer for three or four years. It was turning white and a chocoholic friend took them off my hands.

I will probably never understand the fanaticism when it comes to sugar consumption in the United States. This is okay. Just please, don’t try to push me into the coma that comes about before your sweet treats even touch the lips. Enjoy this post with a cup of coffee and sweet roll if you desire.


One thought on “You Are So Sweet

  1. I agree with all you wrote. That American scone is a travesty. Everything is loaded with sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup. Low fat diet food is high in sugar and salt to compensate for the lack of fat.


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