Hand-In-Hand, We Fight On

I have been wanting to post a new Ménière’s disease video for sometime, however, the pure nature of this beast has prevented my making the next video in the series. I woke this morning after overdoing it yesterday and feel wretched, so, of course, will not get to do a video. However, commenting on various threads in some of the Ménière’s support groups on Facebook has led me to this article.

So often when we go through our bouts, we feel completely alone. I mean, let’s face it, I live alone. No one comes in daily or weekly to check on me. When Galar (my name for this dastardly dragon we fight and is Gaelic for disease) hits, I am all alone. Over the years, I learned to suppress the need to vomit because I would have to stop and clean up the mess and myself, which is difficult when not in full-on vertigo. As I feel it coming on, I begin setting up my water, Pedialyte and medicine on the kitchen counter just inside the door. No one is here to bring me what I need and see that I am taking my medicine.

The most anyone can do is watch helplessly from the sidelines.

This morning, a gentleman posted his venting in one of the aforementioned support groups. I replied. The first thing I advised him to do is breathe. Simply breathe. This is something we tend to forget when in the throes of Galar. Forgetting to breathe leads to anxiety and an anxiety attack can further complicate the vertigo you are already battling. So, pause to breathe. Doing this regularly when not in bouts can help you remember to do it when the bout strikes.

I continued with some of the sage advice gleaned from my thirteen years experience in my own battles. When I finished and re-read what I had written in order to edit, I sat with tears welling up in my eyes with every word in the last sentence, “Virtually, we can hold your hand as you fight your fight“.

We feel very much alone as we fight, especially those of us who live alone. Yet, virtually, we are all there for each other even though we live in different cities, towns and countries. I encourage everyone to reach out as you need to. There are times I am feeling horrid and struggling in my own daily skirmishes and I will receive a Private Message or email from someone else who also has Ménière’s disease or is struggling just to get a diagnosis. I take a few moments to breathe and then I reach in and virtually take their hand to offer words of encouragement, techniques to try or questions to ask a doctor.

Please, do not misinterpret, I am seeking no recognition nor accolades for what I do. But, if I can, even in my own troublesome times, bring just the comfort of knowing I am here for them, to someone else who is still trying to find a way to cope, than I am happy to do it.

I reach out my hand to you. Who will take mine? When we are all holding a hand, we can reach to the most remote areas to help each other in this war and while doing so, we will take further steps in the quest to push the right people to send funds for research, which will one day bring a knight who will wield Excalibur and finally slay this dragon once and for all so that no one anywhere will ever have to know what it is like to live with this disease.

Take my hand.

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