You Are Still Here

There are times when people will come to visit me and days later, I can still feel their energy. This is not a negative thing, but then again, sometimes it can be.

Let me back up a bit. Every living thing emits energy. All people, animals, plants, etc. We all have energy that we give off. Some people, empaths and sensitives, can feel this energy. I am one of those people who can feel the energy, more so if I have a connection to the one discharging the energy.

It is my belief that when we come in contact with others, we leave a part of ourselves behind. This is generally our energy. It is how we make others feel when they are with us that allows them to remember us. It is why you can be separated from a friend for years and when you see each other again it is as if no time has lapsed. They left a part of themselves with you.

Yesterday, a friend came to visit and brought her wee fur angle, Sadie with her. I had never met Sadie before. She is a sweet energy-packed Chihuahua. Once she was over her shyness and becoming accustomed to my apartment, she allowed me to pet her and hold her. She gave sweet puppy dog kisses and did some exploring while my friend and I chatted and caught up.

Today, I can still feel Sadie’s energy. It is a good thing as I find it stimulating and helping me to stay awake as I didn’t sleep well last night. My friend’s energy, I always feel even if she goes months between visits.

I feel people’s energy. Even if our only contact is via social media sites such as Facebook™ or Second Life™. When I have not seen your posts in a while, I feel the drain of energy and I literally miss you. So don’t be surprised if I tell you so. When your energy enters my life, I feel you. When you leave, I will still feel you. You will still be here. Just don’t let that be the end. Keep the energy circulating by renewing your time in my presence, even if it is virtually.


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