Clash Of The Americans

For many months now, I have remained virtually silent regarding the current political climate in the country I call home. This is not out of ignorance, neither is it some sort of sheepish action. I have had my television on and seen the program interruptions brought about by the state of affairs. I have seen the social media posts filled with memes and videos. I have heard the angry voices raised spewing hatred. And, I feel the fear and panic in the hearts of the citizens of this nation.

Sitting here, in the comfort of my home, I can be silent no more. This post is not intended to be a rant about the President of the United States nor the current regime. I am not going to lambaste the leaders, nor the citizens for that matter. There has already been too much ugliness spread and many allow it to continue to burn by fueling it with even more hatred, which comes from the fear held in the heart.

More and more I seem to be reciting my quote, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it, those who do not learn history properly are just doomed.” I am here to tell you, “WE ARE DOOMED”.

When our forefathers came to this land and began to establish a nation, I am sure they did not foresee the way their words and actions would be twisted and skewed to the point of repudiation.

The Constitution of the United States provides in Article Six that no one would be required to take a religious test to qualify for any government office. In the early part of the 19th century, the first amendment was added declaring the separation of church and state. The founding fathers left their homes in other countries because they did not want the government telling them how to practice or what religion they should practice. The United States is declared “a Christian nation” because a greater portion of the population holds to the Christian religion. This is not to mean that citizens must practice Christianity. We have the freedom of religion granted us by the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States. This means we can serve any god we desire. We can worship in our own way as long as it keeps within the laws.

Moving on. Many years ago, monuments were erected, many in the form of statues, around the country. These monuments were to pay homage and memoriam to leaders and others deemed heroes to the nation. After the Civil War this was done on both sides. These monuments were built as a reminder to those who came after to show the price that had been paid for freedom; freedom we have enjoyed at their expense. North or South, it does not matter; they were all Americans. Now you want to tear down all the statues because they offend some people. They are found offensive because the people do not understand.

History is being forgotten. History is being erased. History is being rewritten. I will say it again, WE ARE DOOMED!

In recent history, there have been countries, whose people have risen up and rebelled against tyrannical governments who oppressed them. They have torn down the statues and monuments of these despots displaying in an outward manner their new freedom from those who would keep them as subhuman drudges. These people were not trying to destroy their history, they were rising up and reclaiming their lives, their nations to restore them to what they once were.

In the late twentieth century, a U.S. Code was added regarding the National Anthem. If the flag is not present all persons should face the direction of the music, men removing hats and all placing their right hand over their heart. This does not state it is only for citizens or certain groups of individuals. This was stated for ALL people. Granted this is not the Constitution, it is the U.S. Code. However, we as American citizen should comply.

When I was a substitute teacher a number of years ago, I was with a kindergarten class and saw one child not standing during the National Anthem. I attempted to have the child stand and another child whispered, “It’s okay, she doesn’t have to stand.” This child stayed seated and deliberately turned away from the music and lowered her head in a disrespectful manner. Seems her siblings in other grades did the same thing.

If I were to be in another country and their National Anthem played, I would be respectful and stand or pay honor in some manner. I would not be disrespectful and slap in the face the nation allowing me to be in their country.

Recently, there was much dispute regarding NFL players not standing during the playing of the National Anthem. Seeing the bombardment of posts on Facebook regarding this action, I did my research. The photos I saw did not appear to me to be disrespectful in any manner. I saw men, protesting in a respectful way. Given the history of this country, taking a knee has, for generations, been a sign of respect and honor. These men, idolized by many, knelt during the playing of the National Anthem. Those who didn’t kneel, stood by with their arms interlocked as to show their support of those who knelt.

This type of protest goes back to 2016 when professional athletes knelt during the National Anthem to protest police brutality and racial inequality. Perhaps the NFL officials decreed that all players would stand during the National Anthem, but it is my understanding this is because many would be disrespectful or in the locker room during its playing. However, these men were there and they were respectful.

It seems having a senior citizen with a pre-pubescent mentality sitting in the oval office has caused the general population to lose sight of the things we were learning from history. Thinking that a certain title allows you to Tweet or post whatever you want with no regard or any forethought and act in a manner unbecoming is the way a child would think.  

Our history is not pretty by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is ours and it was lived by people, many of which, who gave their very lives to bring us the freedoms and luxuries we have today. Slowly, over the course of the last couple of decades we have become cocky and complacent. We, as a nation, believe we are the best and no other nation can rise above us.

Because of this mentality, we have slowly been working ourselves into being the ugliest nation on the planet.

Here is a reality check. There are people not only in this country, but in other countries who are sick and dying to no fault of their own. Cancer and A.I.D.S. along with many other chronic illnesses plague a large number of the world’s population. All we are doing as “the greatest country in the world” is feeding money to drug companies to make poisons for these people instead of finding causes and real cures. We would rather these people become poorer just trying to stay alive so that we can become richer.

Recently, there have been some pretty nasty hurricanes in and near the United States. Puerto Rico, which is part of the U.S., was most recently hit and is devastated. Instead of using our vast resources to help these people, we send bandaids and offer ridicule from the comforts of our posh lives because the leaders of Puerto Rico are crying out for assistance while treading water to do the best they can.

Unless we come to our collective senses soon, there is going to be war on this land. Perhaps, this will be another Civil War. Perhaps the people of other nations, tiring of the U.S. trying to make them conform to the American way of life, will begin to really attack this country forcing us to fight them on our own land. It will literally be the U.S. against the world.

The United States has gotten so far from what the founding fathers foresaw that we may be beyond hope unless something happens soon. In his Gettysburg Address, President Lincoln declared that the government which is “of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” Right now, we have a government that is of the powerful, by the rich, for the rich and powerful companies. The people are no longer a viable part of the government.

We, as a people, need to rise up and let our voices be heard. Changes need to be made. We need to relearn the history that so many suffered and died to deliver to us. We need to do more than ‘take  stand’, we need to take action and soon.


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