Stillness In The Mind

It is long that I have anticipated writing this post. In part for me and in part for everyone else.

To meditate is to focus ones mind for an extended period of time. Extended time does not necessarily mean hours or days. It is generally implied to be longer than just a few moments.

Many years ago, I was told that praying is you talking to G/god, while meditation is you listening to G/god. Meditation does not have to have anything to do with any religion, neither is it contrary to any religious practices. In fact, it can enhance any religious experience you practice.

I began active meditation after struggling for a long time in the grief cycle after being diagnosed with Ménière’s disease. When illness invades your body, you begin to lose things that you did regularly, you begin to lose yourself. I tried alcohol, religion, tantrums, isolation, psychotherapy, and the list goes on, to find myself again. Well, I tried to find the me I used to be (I will discuss that in another post) without success.

Researching online, I discovered various forms of meditation. I changed my train of thought and dove in to further explore this avenue. I found a little website, which no longer exists, and began to explore the regions. You could enter the ‘game’ and each time you would choose different options and go to different things. One area was the Meditation Tree. I found this to be one of my favorite spots and each visit, I couldn’t wait to get there. This is where I really learned about meditating and going deep inside myself.

The guided meditations, brought by the creator of the site, helped me refocus and re-evaluate. Thus began my journey. After more than ten years of meditation, I can aver, unconditionally, that I have found me.

Before I go further, I would like to share something lighthearted. Last year I wrote a poem called Meditation?, which has a bit of twists and turns to it to bring a smile or a giggle. Enjoy the poem and we shall move on.


Alone I sit and meditate.
Then my mind begins to contemplate.
Can one actually propitiate,
without the threat to subjugate?
For a moment I do hesitate.
Then look about to anticipate.
Nay, I do not precipitate.
Nor could I humiliate.
So thus, I return to ruminate.

April 2, 2016

This little poem packs a whole lot of truth in an amusing manner. To meditate, one must clear the mind and refocus to step away from those things which tend to cause anxiety. Over the years I have discussed meditation with people and been told they could never meditate. Some, I believe, say this as they feel it is against their religion. Others brush it off because they do not understand it. Most, in my opinion, state this because they are afraid because it would mean they have to go deeper inside themselves then they have ever desired to travel. This was me.
At first I was afraid and fought the meditation guides. I mostly used guided meditations at first so I could have someone guiding me to the thought practices I desired. This was far better than the psychologist I paid to help me and could not trust.
A couple years after my journey with meditation began, I learned about the chakras. This is where I really began to excel. It took months of experimenting and even a week-long stay in the hospital to find the correct path for me. I now focus on each chakra individually, a different one each day. The following poem came out of one of my meditation sessions several years ago. A poet friend provided the prompt of “sea spots run” and my inner being provided the rest.


Sea spots run along the empty beach…
beaconing me deeper into dream
visions dancing in the sand
castles crumble down in waves
empowering joy flitters and floats
filling my senses with calm and awe
gazing upon visions playing in my mind
I seek places I have been, places I will go
from the depth of my being flowing…
drifting… streaming through
the breeze lulls me further still
wafting essence of sand, sun and sea
embraced with sunshine, filled with awe
for now, I’m happy to remain.

March 18, 2009

To meditate, go within. Play meditative music if you desire. Sit or walk outside and listen to nature. However you choose, just be still and look within. When thoughts of everyday life pop up, just let them happen and watch them float away. Focus on your breathing at first and let it slow down. As your mind clears, let it be filled with peace. Take your time. There is no rush. There is no race. This is not to see who can make it to a certain point faster than the others. This is only about you. Start out with five or ten minutes and build from there. Allow your mind to go to those areas you have been hiding from and keeping in secret from the rest of the world and from you. There is no right or wrong, there is just you. If you hold to a certain religion, then focus on listening. Listen for the voice of your G/god. Don’t ask anything. Don’t talk. Just listen.

In listening, you will find the truth you are seeking. You will find the peace you crave.



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