Not All Are The Same

In this day and time with regard to most celebrities and celebrity wannabes, if you would like to take a photo with them (taken by a friend with YOUR camera) you have to pay upwards of $50. Imagine, $50, $100 and even more just to have a celebrity stand next to you and smile.

Everyone is out for what they can get.

This past Thursday, June 15, 2017, I was anxiously waiting for my friend Laurel to arrive for a visit from Florida where she lives. She was bringing her puppy dog, Courtney with her. I have not seen either of them since September 2015. Laurel had also invited another friend who keeps a check on me to make sure I am okay to come over so they could meet. I decided to invite a third friend so Laurel could meet both at the same time.

Unbeknownst to me, I was about to be the recipient of two weeks of conspiracy.

A huge mega-star was coming to Knoxville for a book signing. I saw his post on Facebook about it a couple of weeks before. I commented that I wished I could go, but knew lack of transportation and my health issues would prevent it. My two local friends arrived early and we caught up as one helped tidy my apartment for Laurel’s visit. I was asked to turn on the news on WBIR-10 at 4 pm as Crusoe would be doing an interview to promote his book signing. We watched and enjoyed seeing them and sharing our thoughts of the interview.

About 5:30 pm, my friends advised that Laurel had arrived and one went out to help carry things in as the other kept me company. I was asked to open the door and instead of my friend Laurel and her puppy dog Courtney, I was greeted by Crusoe, The Celebrity Dachshund, his half-brother Oakley and their parents, along with a camera man from WBIR-10.

While most celebrity types are charging lots of money to just stand next to you and don’t take interest in really meeting their fans, Crusoe and Oakley took time out of their vacation in the Smokies to come and pay me a visit to brighten my day and bring me smiling tears. The plushie Crusoe and autographed book will be treasured for a long time and the memory of

A couple of the gifts bestowed upon me by Crusoe.

your visit is forever etched into the creases of my foggy mind.

Crusoe, I thank you and Oakley, your Mum and Dad as well as Oakley’s Mum for making my year. I also thank Laurel and my most intimate friends here in Knoxville and in Idaho for conspiring to bring this all about.

To all others, find Crusoe on Facebook and everywhere else online. Visit his online store and pick up a copy of his book Crusoe, the Celebrity Dachshund: Adventures of the Wiener Dog Extraordinaire and some other cool things. Crusoe is one mega, award-winning celebrity who loves his fans and is not afraid to show it.



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