In recent weeks, I have had to explain to people how to make coffee. I am going to explain here and then all I will need to do is drop a link on anyone who still needs to know. I will only discuss American methods of making coffee. Yes, I do indulge, personally, in making French, Turkish, Mexican, Brazilian and Italian coffees, however, this is more for my American friends who occasionally find themselves without a ‘pod-maker’.

For the current generation, a person wakes up and stumbles to the kitchen. You drop a plastic pod into a machine and push a button and in a few seconds you have what you profess to be coffee.

The previous generation of grownups would stumble to the kitchen, find the stack of filters, drop filters while vying for just one. Place the filter into a basket. Carefully measure the correct amount of pre-ground coffee into the filter and insert filter into machine. They would then take the glass pot and fill with water which would be poured into the large receptacle in the rear of the machine and replace the pot on the burner before turning machine on. Fresh coffee would be theirs to pour into their cup in five minutes.

My grandparents’ generation would gracefully rise from bed, bathe and dress before making their way to the kitchen and proceed to fill the percolator with water. They would return the ‘guts’ to the pot and add the perfect amount of coffee grounds to the basket before restoring the basket lid followed by the percolator lid. The machine was then plugged in and fresh coffee would be available in about 10-15 minutes.

When my grandparent were young, their parents would follow pretty much the same format they did with a couple of exceptions. Before adding the coffee to the basket, they would first put the coffee beans into a coffee mill and grind the beans to the perfect coarseness. Then, after the last lid would be placed on top, the percolator would be placed on the stovetop or on the wood-burning stove, followed by fresh coffee for breakfast.

Now, let’s go back further in time. I take you back to a time before coffee makers, before percolators. Some would consider this the dark ages. In order to make coffee you would first need to grind the beans. Add beans to a kettle of water and bring to a boil. Remove the kettle from the fire and allow to settle. Carefully pour coffee into cups trying not to get too much of the grounds in the mix. Enjoy.

I have made coffee using all of the methods except the current pod fixation. This is NOT coffee. In fact, the ones who have received my advice on how to make coffee recently actually own and use pod-makers. They break and you can’t make coffee. YIKES!!!!

When your pod-maker breaks, you can still make coffee. If all you have are pods, you will still have to have all those additives the packagers put in to maintain ‘freshness’. If you have regular ground coffee that will work better. Open the pod. Place a kettle or pot of water on the stove to boil and add the contents of the pod. If using regular grounds, add them. The coarser the ground the better, but you can work with any grind. Once the water boils with the grounds, remove it from the heat and let it settle. Don’t worry, I won’t make you drink the grounds. Take a paper coffee filter or, in lieu of filters, paper towel or paper napkin will work fine, place in a fine-mesh sieve. If you have no sieve, just put it on top of the cup or container and strain the coffee.

Any questions? 


Good, enjoy your coffee.


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