Find The Answers

There are many ways to keep a journal and many reasons to utilize those methods. As a writer, I keep a journal. After my first couple of bouts of vertigo, it was suggested I keep a record to be able to determine what was happening with me. I went to my trusty pen and notebook to journal my experiences. 

I prefer old-fashioned pen and paper when I write and keeping this particular journal was no different. Granted, at the time, I didn’t have a computer and smartphones and tablets weren’t around. I took a small notebook with sheets of music and pink ribbon and roses on the front, and carried it with me everywhere to document anything that happened with regard to the vertigo I was experiencing.

This was my choice. Go with me in the video now as I talk about keeping a journal when it comes to learning more about you and your Ménière’s disease. Share this video with others you know who have Ménière’s disease or other chronic illnesses.



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