To Live In Fear Is Unacceptable

Following the recent election in November, there has been much conveyance within social media of the fear people now live in. I have addressed this before. I feel a strong need to address it once again.

Fear, for many people is a way of life. I do not say this trivially. Phobias are very real, especially for the people who live with them every day. It is also a terrifying fact for those who live in repressed societies. These are not the fears I will be sheddingserenity-prayer light upon.

I woke this morning with what is known as the Serenity Prayer playing in my mind. The Serenity Prayer was written by American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr for a sermon in the early 1930s. It was later adopted by Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-Step programs. The prayer asks for serenity or peace in accepting the things in our lives that we cannot change. Serenity implies without fear. This is the fear, I am speaking of.

Every day, I live with a beast in my life – Ménière’s disease. I did not ask for this disease. I did nothing to bring it into my life. It is one of those things I have no control over. I do not accept this illness in my life, but I have found peace to live with it.

When Mr. Trump won the Presidential election on November 8, 2016, many people around the country began uttering to all that they were afraid. If you cast your vote for someone other than Mr. Trump, then you did not do anything to cause the current political issues in the United States. Things are what they are. Can they be changed? Yes. Can you change them by yourself? No. Will worry and fear change the way things are? NEVER! 

It is not my desire to cause more fear and anguish. Neither is it my goal to tell you how to change things. It is my hope that I can help you find a way to see peace where it appears peace cannot abide.

candle-flame1If you walk into a dark room, you cannot see anything. If the place is dark enough, even after your eyes adjust, you still may not be able to really see anything. However, if you strike a match, that one flame can illuminate the entire room. However, you must ignite the flame first.

As an empath, healer, sensitive, etc. we must be the flame for others to help them to see. We must have no agenda of our own other than seeing this country and her people in the highest and best the Universe has for them. We must show the rest of the country and the world that we can find peace in a place of chaos and light in a world that is dark. People find this light in the Universe, in their God or deep within themselves.

The light of peace is there. Therefore, we can accept, live through, these things which we cannot change. The one constant that we control and can change is ourselves and how we perceive the situations and the world in which we live.

History proves that those in authority do not listen to the mayhem and disorder of the masses. Instead, we must let the fear melt into calmness which will fuel our desire to raise our voices in concern without anger and malice. Patiently, we must wait and continue to speak truths. Let history be our guide and the light within shining through veracity without relinquishing the will to survive.

In this truth, we move forward.

In fear, we go backward.

Where true peace abides, fear cannot take hold.

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