Feel The Aroma

Of late, I have seen many posts on Facebook, especially in various Facebook groups, about using aromatherapy. There are so many that do not believe in aromatherapy as their religion does not support it. However, aromatherapy is real and very beneficial.

I was recently asked in one of these groups what scents I use to help me. Answering this question has caused me to ponder further.


There are many books on the market about aromatherapy. Heck, there are many books on the market about everything. I have gone through a couple of these books, but do not hold fully to them. One of the best things I have found with regard to these books is the methods of delivery. The books do go into nice detail with how to make tinctures, infusions and and even lotions.

The first thing I did was to disregard other people’s mixtures of what they say is relaxing, stimulating, etc. I am of the belief that these things are very personal. While I may be stimulated by citrus, peppermint and vanilla, it could actually be more relaxing for others. Various scents invoke memories in every individual and they are just that, individual. 

Some people may find the scent of soil relaxing. Perhaps chronic illness, such as Meniere’s Disease, which I have, has caused an avid gardener to give up their passion. For decades, they would spend hours relaxing in their garden planting, tilling, weeding. Now they can only look out the window and remember the feel of the earth in their hands. A small vessel of soil where such a one can put their hands in it and inhaled the aroma can cause instant relaxation.

For one such as myself who used to enjoy hours hiking in the mountains, the scent of pine, wet leaves and soil can stimulate me and cause my brain fog to diminish. On the other hand, lavender scents can wash over my body and soul and just melt the stress away while cocoa butter can clear my mind and bring warm feelings of when I was a young girl at my grandmother’s feet.

As an empath and sensitive, I select scents that appeal to me. I use them when I feel I need them and try not to apply when they would have the opposite affect I desire. Meaning, I would not use a rose-scented body spray in the late afternoon or early evening when I plan to relax and prepare for sleep and rest. Rose and floral scents are stimulating for me. If I desire visions, I would use lavender and, perhaps, a sight touch of menthol.

For the novice, or the regular experimenter still searching, I encourage you to try scents you think would help you. Try one at a time at first with a dab of oil and see how you respond. As you gain insight into what helps you, try mixing the scents to see if it provides a more potent experience. Do not limit yourself to essential oils. Work with any scent, including body sprays and nature. Find what is right for you and then enjoy as often as you desire.

Remember, aromatherapy is not a be all, end all. It is a tool that we can use to help in our process, whatever our individual objective is. Have fun with it and experience it to its fullest.


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