See The Future From The Eyes Of The Past

Know, going into this, that there have been movies, television programs, books and other materials already put out there regarding the topic I am about to lay out. I am in no way trying to infringe upon those who ‘did it first’. I see myselfScreen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.44.01 PM as carrying on a time honored tradition. Some call this, “What’s old is new again”, however, I stipulate that history does, in fact, repeat itself.

For a long time now, I have watched things in the world unfold. Christians would have you believe these things are a sign of the times and that the world will be ending soon. In a manner of speaking, this is true. It will not happen all at once. It has been happening gradually over the last few decades. As we go further into the computer age, we lose ourselves as individuals even more and one day we will wake up and no longer recognize who we are or the world we live in.

The difference between then and now is things will happen on a more global level as opposed to a region or small area. What this means is that we are heading toward a time when one person or nation will govern the entire world. The upper class, the wealthy, will be the elite while the lower classes will be enslaved. There will be no middle class. You will either be rich or poor, fed or hungry, clean or dirty. Terms will be black and white with no grey in the middle.

Continuing as we are, there will come a time when slavery will, once again, spread as fast as the Black Plague did in the 14th century. Ships will no longer be used to transport the slaves as they will be herded onto cargo planes and shipped around the world. When the slave races become too numerous, they will be killed off and prevented from procreating.

There are many who believe The United Nations to be the governing body, which will bring this about. I beg to differ. The U.N. was established to bring the nations of the world together in an attempt to find ways other than war to solve issues between the governments of the world. They were not established to rule the world. However, there is one nation, more and more, which is viewed as a bully and the ones who will step in and police the rest of the planet – the United States.

When the time comes, the U.S. will lead the way for the rest of the world and set the example of how to handle slaves and slave trade. This is supposed to be a free country. However, the only ones with freedom are the upper class, the big businesses and politicians. The original inhabitants have been treated as, at best, third-class citizens since the first white people came over to populate the land.

Ordinary citizens are fighting for clean water, natural medications, clean air and the ability to just enjoy the land once again. The government is fighting to enslave the people by forcing them to buy harmful drugs for common illnesses and live in waste. The government can find money to bail out big businesses and other countries. They can find the money to send weapons to warring nations and money to help those nations set up a democratic government because the U.S. believes every country would be better off with the same government she has. However, when it comes to cleaning up things within the borders of the U.S. or taking care of her own people, there is not only very little money, but they threaten to take away what little money there is to put it into the pockets of the politicians and big businesses.

Slavery is going to happen. Watch closely, the up-coming U.S. presidential elections. It won’t be long till we are all looking to the past for a way out. Dig out those old slave songs and play them now. You will need them and hope for another Harriet Tubman who will help lead the enslaved to freedom.


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