DISCLAIMER: Throughout this post I am speaking in generalities. I do not hold to the notion that the actions and/or words of a few are indicative of those of the whole group of the people.

Recently, there was an incident which took place in Nice, France. This one select incident was taken and blown completely out of proportion by the entitlement country of the United States. People making memes on Facebook were averring that a Muslim woman was forced at gunpoint to completely remove her burqini (a special swim garment worn by women which completely covers the body, save the face, hands and feet) while on a beach in Nice. These people were claiming this to be religious discrimination and screaming for justice. They felt if women, and men for that matter, could wear wetsuits, then women should be allowed to wear burqinis if they desired.

Being who I am, I immediately pasted the meme in an instant message to a friend who lives in France (seems the creator of this meme was claiming this to be the thing in all of France) to find the truth. I learned that this is not a law in France. In fact, the Nice ruling was in governmental debate as to its lawfulness at that time. The officers did not point guns at the woman and from the images I have seen of the actual incident, it appeared to me that she was in fact wearing a burqa on her head and face. This is what she was asked to remove. The beach she was on had this rule posted and the officers were within their rights to ask her to remove the head covering.

From the point of view of a former life guard, I can completely understand not wanting swimmers to wear anything on their head and face. It can be a hazard while in the water and lead to serious injury or death. When commenting on these memes after receiving facts from my friend, I made attempts to educate the masses. I likened this rule on the beach to one at many public swimming pools in the United States, which disallows the use of cutoff pants as swimming garments. If it is posted you cannot wear a certain item, you do not wear that item.

Now, on with the show.

People from the United States belive they are entitled. Their religion is the one true religion. Their country is the best regardless of what anyone else says. Their laws and ways are the only ones that matter. They will scream and shout because they feel disrespected when someone of another nationality does not stand when their pledge of allegiance is said or their national anthem is played. And yet, they are the same ones who will ignore the rights and laws of other countries when they are visiting. It doesn’t matter to them that a company in another country closes down for an hour of lunch followed by an hour siesta. They want what they want, when they want it.

In short, Americans are spoiled, selfish brats who need to be taken behind the shed with a switch. 

Patriotism is one thing. I am very patriotic and love my country. However, I do not belive we are the be all, end all of the universe. There are other people and creatures with just as much right to exist as us. One religion is not right making all others wrong. One race is not dominant making all other races subservient. Regardless of what some members of certain religious groups boast, all of the major religions (I have not researched the others to find out their source as there are too many and therefore, I stick with the five major religions of the world) have love and peace as their foundation. Three of the five major religions of the world actually serve the same god and yet they cannot agree on anything.

People groups of the so-called ‘Free World’ need to stop feeling entitled and putting bandaids on gaping wounds in the less fortunate countries. You are not entitled. You are not superior. You are as great as the lowliest person in existence. In striving for greatness seek to help bring up the lesser, not step on them to prove your own brute. 


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