Find The Answers

There are many ways to keep a journal and many reasons to utilize those methods. As a writer, I keep a journal. After my first couple of bouts of vertigo, it was suggested I keep a record to be able to determine what was happening with me. I went to my trusty pen and notebook to … More Find The Answers

Beware This Boy

Recently, I posted a meme on Facebook regarding the anniversary of the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts. I mentioned on this post that ignorance is still killing the innocents. A few days later, I woke to thoughts of a scene from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. More specifically, the Alastair Sims’  movie version with the … More Beware This Boy

The Way To Heaven

Recently, I have been binge watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. While watching an episode in the sixth season, the Klingon character Worf, was struggling with his faith and whether or not there really is a Sto-vo-kor or heaven. All organized religions on Earth seem to have some sort of afterlife woven into their tenet. Some … More The Way To Heaven

Resolute Or Rebel

I was just looking through my old posts and it seems I began writing blog posts for/just after New Year a few years back. Guess this means it is either a tradition or a habit. Not exactly sure which category I want to place this in. New Year’s Eve found me in bed fighting my … More Resolute Or Rebel

E Pur Si Muove

Not long ago, I was watching a television show where a scientist was working on an important project related to the characters in the program. She paused and said, “E pur si muove. And yet it moves.” She looked at the other person with whom she was speaking and went on to discuss how things … More E Pur Si Muove

You Are So Sweet

What is this fascination that Americans seem have with sugar? Everything has to contain sugar or it isn’t worth consuming. Start with diet programs. Most of these diets going around to lose weight start with drinking super-sweet diet shakes, usually chocolate.  They want you to drink one of those in place of a meal and … More You Are So Sweet


This morning, I was scrolling a bit on Facebook and began to reminisce. I saw a post for a group I belong to called Knoxville Eats. Apparently, this poster gets together with her siblings and they make lists of what each person, parents included, will prepare and bring to their Thanksgiving celebration. I thought back … More Holidays

Hate Cannot Abide

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows I can be very sensitive. I do not cuss and do not watch movies and television programs with excessive cussing and violence. In fact, I have had some friends dub me their moral compass. I have had one friend who cusses in every sentence … More Hate Cannot Abide

Giving Thanks?

Next month, the month we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the United States, people will begin posting one thing every day that they are thankful for. This is an easy task. For the most part, you can just look around you and name one person or one item you see and be thankful for that. The hard … More Giving Thanks?